Science Fairs Can Lead to Great Achievements!

Did you know what Nobel Prize winners Walter Gilbert and Sheldon Glashow and Fields Medal winner David Mumford have in common?  They all participated in science fairs as children!

A science fair is a culminating event where the entire student body showcases their projects.

Science Fair Projects will:
• Integrate core subject areas
• Foster creativity
• Develop critical thinking
• Utilize the scientific method
• Promote community pride
• Build enthusiasm for science

• Prepare students for required testing

This program will allow your school to have a science fair with no previous experience or extra work for the teachers.

We will customize a program that will make your schools’ science fair a success.

Program includes:
• Student assemblies Students will learn how to prepare for their science fair.  Experiments will be conducted to promote project ideas. Actual student projects will be displayed, and explained.
• Handout Masters:
 Provides parents and students with instructions, project suggestions, and safety concerns.